Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miss Oriental 2009 Grand FInale - Winner Kim!

As predicted, Kim is the new Miss Oriental 2009.. There are few close competitors though, but she manage to gain popularity and win! hehe... 

The grand finale starts at around 9.30pm where there were alot...i mean ALOT ppl and photog especially. Jammed man... whole D'junction was cramp! Me and Jessica reach there around 8.30pm, enter the D'Junction without tickets... MSJ ma.. haha.. den went upstair to meet up with the geng at Spice smtg smtg for dinner. Nice foods! After some tid bits and chit chatting, work started, preparing and finding suitable place to shoot. Thankfully, Jessica and Lamlam manage to secure a very nice place. Thanks!

Meet back quite a number of ppl there, like Roy, Krysham, Vivian, Stephen, Isrol, Nasier, Jackson, Valentine, and alot more... it was very nice. IM happy to be one of the team member, the so call official photog lo, although... im keh leh feh only! hehehe...

The event starts with some dancing and performing before they called up the finalist. Everyone was like shouting, screaming like mad when they see their 'idol'. LOL.. and the photog, as usual la..

But sorry ya, i really do have to comment abit. Those unofficial photog and 'kids' are really messing up the whole show, blocking our view and shots. Really got fed up man... feels like wanna hantam their head with my DSLR. Some even use digicam, HP!! to block us... It's ok if u 'kids' were there but pls, dont block our view! quite anumber of us (the team) gt real fed up and frustrated. Yus, James, all goyang kepala! They like coming there, shoot for no reason, and den wat? kacau nia... ish! Sorry ya if i've offended any of u (photog) who might have read this but im just saying the true. We gt jobs to do, and seriously, we need tags la, and special place for us. Not cramping with those...! pity some of our team member cant shoot, dissapointed and get back home early instead..

anyway, the show run.. run... run... with performers, magic shows (very good one! im impressed), Bian Lian (change face), and some... hehe... so call dance lo. Im really bad man.. criticising all the way with Jessica... habis la if they heard us, hahaha! the video camera on top of us might heard us too! omg! hahaha..

Judges, ya.. there are 4, but i cant remember la, i know got Jonathan of Breeze, and Cassandra, Miss Oriental Malaysia. and come on, if she stands out, no finalist can match her la, they can say goodbye and go home. ahha.. except some la of cos! sorry again! hahaha...

so, here comes the winner, Kim, the new Miss Oriental 2009, Crystal and Pearl took the 2nd and 3rd. And there is some other awards la, like Miss Popular, Miss CHeongsam, Miss COngeniality, etc etc. The grand winner took home RM5000 and alots of goodies and fame! hehe.. COngrats Kim! Show ends almost 3 smtg in the morning.. crazy d!

Photobucket  Photobucket

We stayed awhile, sing Birthday songs to Anne, the main main organiser for this event in D'junction. She really did alot of hard works and efforts! Bravo! After some little celebration, we went bac lo.. Reach home around 4am ade, on9 awhile and terus sleep.. jus that, i duno why, i woke up at 8.30am! arr... and thats why im crapping here in my blog so early.. like a drunk guy!

Bokeh Look!

Lamlam and Jessica


Love the rays of lights

Really thanks so much to everyone involved! Thanks for giving me this oppurtunity and good job everyone! Photos will as usual, uploaded in FB. 

Photos from Stephen and Vivian. Thanks!

Jessica and me

Me, Jessica, Lamlam and Vivian

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Another wedding job done, settle, completed... haha...
COngrats to Natasha and Kelvin for the marvelous wedding and dinner tonite at Magellan Sutera Harbour

Photos soon...
Pls view it here ya, cos too much to upload n add here! thanks

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kota Belud Wedding

An eye opening experience.. never been to Malay wedding before, and furthermore, this was one of the fusion wedding, with chinese tradition, bajau, and etc.. very interesting, and pheww... very tiring too!

4 of us, Me, Jessica, Gerry and Lamlam went there on Friday early evening to check in 'hotel' and stable down and prepare for the shots. Had our meals at one high ground, called Restoran Mayang Sari. Very beautiful place, cooling and peaceful. Makes me wanna go again! hehe.. Surrouded by greenery, rivers, and Mount KK standing tall just beside, it was way cool...

Our hotel was called Kota Belud Lodging House, where 4 of us stayed in a room to save cost. The room isnt that bad, somewhere similar to Tune Hotel size, but with NO toilet DOORS!! hhaha.. terrible right? The whole town was veyr bz in the daytime, and looks haunted in night time. U can practically walk the whole town. Small town!

Adleen and Normin joins us the next day to shoot the wedding. It was very new to me, i mean VERY! haha.. it was fun though, and new experience for me! hhehe.. and of cos, as usual, very tiring.. and sweating like mad. haha.. The akad nikah, sanding, inai, or ..... im not so sure la.. just that, it's interesting lo.

Really had good times with the team... seriously, full of laughter and smiles, and sarcastic words... ahem ahem...  Anyway, there are alots of photos to process, over 600 shots! wan pengsan ade, cant post it up any sooner, have another dinner shots this wed night, anf MIDTERM on wed evening! isnt that great? haha..

i'll update u guys soon, now wanna go uni teach something.. sexing zebra danio :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kiansom waterfall Photoshoot

well, we go there again yesterday.. for another round of photoshoot, with 7 models and quite anumber of photog. Not much shots this time.. do enjoy, i've posted my fav shots below.. :P



Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mari-mari Cultural Village

Finally, im back for a short period for photography with MSJ and the geng.. haha
And this time, we got new member, Jessica, our 'assistant'.. :p

We went to Mari2 Cultural Village for an outdoor shooting for the 14 finalist of the D'junction Miss Oriental 2009. i just love outdoor stuff, it's fun.. and tiring, sweaty, humid.. but nice! haha..
We reach there around 10.30am, some briefing and we start the show. Divided into 3 groups, me  Jessica, Stephen, Valentine, James and few more were on Team C, with 4 finalist-Kim STan, Eva (if im not mistaken) and 2 more... sorry! Visited all the bumi's houses, den see and try their activity such as rice cooking, tapai, etc etc la.. Took quite a number of shots, but still... i seriously need a flashgun!

The event ends ard 1 smtg to 2pm la, where we headed back to D'junction for lunch, it was a great fun. Really thanks D'junction for such a great hospitality!

Oh ya, thanks to Gerry, Anne, Stephen and Jessica for the transport (paiseh o) and lots of new friends there. Had a great time!

Oh ya, im sure u guys wre wondering wher's the shot, isnt it... well, im kinda lazy la, so i upload all in my facebook. Have a look at the album,

Here's some of my fav shots..




Thursday, February 5, 2009

My T is back...

Oh yea.. finally my tarantula is back. My Mexican Red Knee tarantuala is growing beautifully.
My friend, Troy had helped me take care of it while i back hometown for holidays. Thanks!

I have some shots of the T life cycle since the day i bought it. Some are shots with N95 and some are with my new D200 plus Raynox DCR250. It's amazing to see them grow from young.

This is how the seller pack it and posted it to me!

How tiny are they...dont u think so? it's ard 2 weeks old.

This is 4 months old Red Knee.. color coming up!

And this is my 10 months old Red Knee, now measuring 1.5-2 inch in legspan. Looks HUGE in the photos right? haha.. thanks to Raynox DCR250 and Joby Gorillapod!

Slow down

Guys, expect some halts in my photography journey, perhaps for this semester.
Im at the last semester of my tertiary study and there's is no slwoing down or relaxation time for us. While equipped with only 3 classes a week, there is still presentation to attend (i HATE this very much! a waste of my time), and yesterday, we received the baddest news of all, Thesis Submission on March 20! barely one n a half months to go! where's my mood? oh god..

nearest mightmare would be on the 12 February, our progress presentation day. Wonder how it will turn out. Could end up like the proposal presentation, or some shake down nerve-breaking situation. Who know's right? Wish me luck guys.. I still havent settle my slides yet, planned to settle it tomorrow, yes, remind me, TOMORROW! no more delay, there were a practice to be held this sunday! Again, i hate working in sunday... haizz, im sure u know whose idea is this... he is the source of all this tertiary misery in my life!

For all the bad bad things to do and settle before the real graduation, i have to slow down my paced on photography, im going to miss my D200.. it's going to be in the box for some time. Sob sob... do expect some shots from time to time though, perhaps twice a month? u'll never know... haha..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CNY 2009

CNY 2009 had just pass... have kinda good times too particularly with my old friends. Manage to meet up with alot of old friends from Stowell and High School. Everyone was doing great, some have work, and some are graduating this year, just like me. the only sad thing is we graduated at wrong time, RECESSION time! haha.. malang betul..

anyway, did shot some photos during the whole CNY. let me post up some here...











my ever funny cousin.. haha.. and lots of fireworks! yea..