Monday, May 24, 2010

Elise Choo & Tanya Teh

Last sunday, we had the opportunity to shoot 2 gorgeous girl, Elise Choo and Tanya Teh.. Our location were somewhere around the jetty of Pulau Jerejak and the weather seems to be on our side, as we were lucky to have the after-rain skies, nice and clear.. no haze at all!

In this shoot, we does some experimenting with video lights, thanks to Geoffry and Shone, and yeah, we learned something new. Had fun as usual and the models are friendly and sweet, easy to work with. Here's some photos of the lovely Elise Choo;

Elise Choo

Elise Choo Elise Choo
Elise Choo Elise Choo
Elise Choo Elise Choo

and here's Tanya Teh, with the effects of video light.. something new, and needs more practice and shoot for this technique :P

Tanya Teh Tanya Teh

Thank you very much to Elise and Tanya for coming, and thanks to all photographers for having so much fun, laughters and learning at the same time! Hope to see you guys again!

For more photos, please feel free to view and comment at Thanks!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Alor Setar short trip... one word, HOT!

Wow.. cant believe Alor Setar can be that hot and humid! It's been quite some time i didnt visit the town, the town where my great grandparents stay, a place where my grandparents grows before moved to a small little town called Penanti :) It was a mixed feeling, going back there.. and im eager to explore the town again.

Reached there pretty early, at around 5.30am for a delivery work, and had my breakfast with Pang, at the mamak nearby chatting fish stuff.. Was actually preparing to drive to Kuala Kedah jetty for sunrise shooting but well, the chats were simply too long and by the time we finished, it was already 7.15am.. gone, plan B next!

So, i called up my coursemate, to be my tour guide for the day. We went to a temple-turned-dimsum/restaurant and had our dimsum breakfast (yeah, 2nd round.. getting fatter and fatter since the day i've graduated, came back from Sabah, and then KL, and now, finally settled in Penang.. fat Khor...)

After that, i parked my car at his place, and we went sight seeing, started with Gunung Keriang. Another nostalgic memories.. especially with granma. We used to collect crystals here, just for fun.. oh btw, it became a hit too, where crystal stores growing like mushrooms after the rain. The remaining were still there, although the park, sadly, was filled with rubbish! Thanks to the you-know-who.. truly Malaysian. It was a sad sight.. :( Anyway, took some shots of the Gunung's a pano, from 6 shots merged into one.. This is the other side of the hill, where active mining of crystals situated.. it was now, safe and sound..


Gunung Keriang

Next, we ride around town, shooting some scenes, ate ais kacang, laksa.. and had Nasi Lemak Ong for lunch. IMO, it was just a so-so dish, overated i could say..

Alor Setar riverside

and of course, the famous Telekom Tower, at different perspective :p looks like the alien from Tom Cruise's movie
Telekom Tower @ Alor Setar

After that, there's actually nothing much to do and we head to Chang Lun, to the Lye Huat Garden. Im amazed by the collections of antiques and art stuff over there, as well as a vast collection of animals.. a nice place to visit, IF the weather were better..

Some ancient music instrument
Ancient Music Instrument @ Lye Huat Garden

Terra cotta warrior
Terra Cotta warrior

and lotsa animals shots..
Hornbill eating pellets

Santa's reindeer is lost


Sleeping cat

Sun Conure

so, thats basically sumps up my short trip to Alor Setar, which also partially affected by the hot weather.. and i still havent ate that famous fish dishes! Next time... oh, before signing off, THANKS! to Zi Yang for being my tour guide for the day, taking off from work.. thanks alot!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Orchids @ Michael Ooi Nursery

I visited his nursery again, taking my friend, Elsa and her family for some orchid shopping at Michael Ooi's nursery, one of the best orchid nursery in Malaysia. Recent addition were a new greenhouse, air-conditioned for the highland and cold temperate orchids. I saw some Paph. rothchildianum blooming inside.. Took some photos of the orchids blooming there, here's some to share;

_DSC1429 copy

Phalaenopsis bellina/violacea hybrid


_DSC1468 copy

Beside orchids, he also keep parrots, fantail pigeons, iguanas, hill mynahs, and 2 huge Giant Guoramy. Both are real grumpy and aggressive!

Grumpy Ol'Gouramy