Friday, December 11, 2009

My Crystal Red Shrimp rack

Finally, i'm done with my rack of 4 4ft tanks which are custom-made to fit the TTF racks. Besides, i don't dare to use the standard 4ft tanks due to height and weight. Each level are said to be able to withstand over 200kg. Currently, my tank weights over 150kg, with the water and substrates.


Let me start with the equipments:

TTF rack, 6ft (tall) X 4ft (wide) X 2ft (depth?)

DIY T8 e-ballast and reflector,

"Best" brand T8 light fixtures with e-ballast and reflector
Phillips BrightBoost T8 tube

Ready to lit up!

View of the reflector postion

Sponge filter, China brand from KW - 2 each tank.
Aquadine II 12000 air-pump


ADA Amazonia II
Rocks for some scape


Narrow leaf fern
Java moss
Flame moss
Spiky moss
Taiwan moss
Singapore moss


Currently 2 otocinclus each tank and Sakura in on of the tank for testing.
Going to add CRS, hopefully by next week or two.
Oh, the lowest tank is for my CPO.. currently testing with one CPO too.. it survived the first week, good sign!

Seems like my Sakura is lovin the tank pretty much! :roll:

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Anonymous said...

hey, bro

how about the temperature for crs?

and u decide run manual water change?