Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Olympus Roadshow in Wellington

Last tuesday, i was lucky enough to be invited by Olympus and they fly me to Wellington for an overnight trip and attend the roadshow by them. The primary objective of the roadshow was basically showcase all the Olympus range, and of course, the ultimate OM-D E-M5!  The roadshow was held at the Te Papa Museum, and attend by over 50 invited guess. Great food and drinks served!

Te Papa Museum

Took some sunset shot before heading to the museum for the roadshow.
Wellington sunset

I stayed in a wonderful hotel called Distinction Century City Hotel's Suite Room (which is booked by Olympus, but not paid, duhh.. i have to fork up $159 for a night and still waiting for reimbursement) But anyway, the room was superb. Have a look!
Distinction Century City Hotel

Distinction Century City Hotel

Distinction Century City Hotel

Distinction Century City Hotel

Im quite impress by the new technology of the EM5, especially the 5 axis Image Stabilization ( world first!) and the weatherproof sealing ( demonstrated there too by pouring glass of water over it!). The mirrorless camera is compact and solid-magnesium alloy body. Image quality are comparable, if not, better than most APSC Dslr. I'll tested it out in the coming days to see how it performs. Another thing is like was the EVF, which is superb! The bracketing mode is superb too, especially the Art Filter bracketing. However, during writing; especially when you're shooting 11 art filter bracketing, you cant possible view other photos while waiting for it to finish writing.. slow.... real slow...


There is some drawback, especially the small size (which doesn't fit my hand well) and with the added grip, actually make it worse cause it obstruct my 5th finger. Another comment was, the LCD color tinge. Im quite sensitive to colors, especially on the LCD. From my observation, most Samsung phones had that problem. And now, the EM5, which is dissapointing. If you don't know what i mean, try look at the EM5 LCD and then the Electronic View Finder. Look at the green/yellow tinge on the LCD! Total disappointment i should say..

Anyway, overall, the camera is real good in terms of build quality and image quality. Nothing to complain (until i finish playing with it for few more days) Will update soon on that!

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