Thursday, April 29, 2010

KL KL again! hehe..

Last weekend was fantastic, able to take a few days off to visit KL again, my favourite place for meet up, and shopping! Stayed in my boss place at Subang Jaya, and very thankful to be able to borrow his wife's car for 2 days! THANKS JOE!

Went to watch "Kick Ass" with Jit, Chong and Tommy at Tropicana City Mall, a nice mall with less crowds, unlike 1U or Midvalley. Next was having a visit to Ikano and The Curve, with Dylan, GGming and his HM. We had a drink at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ The Curve. Another nice place to enjoy great drink and snacks while chit-chatting :P

Chocolate Lounge

Here's what we ordered:

Snow White Frappe
Snow White Frappe

Strawberry Waffles
Here's an interesting unique ideas from Ggming, the original strawberry waffles were... less strawberries., something like this: drab, dull and lifeless.. so far away from the photos in the menu.
Strawberry Wafer

Haha.. so, my friend went out to get a boxes of strawberry to add the oomphh.. Here's what happen? Isnt it look much more delicious?

Strawberry Waffles

* Sorry about the white balance though.. i got problem getting the one i like, tweaking also failed me :(

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Campoma guppy

latest fish in my collection, the Campoma guppy!
Another uncommon fish in the hobby, which share similarities with endlers, for it's bright metallic color and less variation. Very active and somehow, slight jumpy and shy. The males are finally sexually active and i hope can get some fries soon! :)

Campoma guppy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sexy Office Lady

It was a themed outing organized by DSLR Penang group from Facebook. There were 3 models, Jesslynn, Wan Diana and Punitha. The location was at Standard Chartered Bank @ Lebuh Pantai, Penang. The building and architecture were unique and im quite impress, and ashamed, being a Penangnites not having a shoot here before.. haha..

We started out at 4pm, waiting for everyone to come before the real photoshoot starts at 4.30pm and there's about 20++ photographers, divided into 3 groups. It was a fun session, lots of learning and laughters.. Thanks to the organizer and models for all the hard works, and hope to see you guys again! :)

Here's some shot taken:

Wan Diana
Wan Diana Wan Diana

Wan Diana Wan Diana

Jessylnn Jesslynn

Jesslynn Jesslynn

Punitha Punitha

For more photos, please feel free to visit my Flickr album,
Thanks for viewing! :p

Monday, April 19, 2010

HDR Lebuh Pantai, Penang island

The buildings along Lebuh Pantai has a distinct look and feel. I dont really noticed the amazing structures until yesterday, and managed to capture some HDR shots.


Standard Chartered

Barkath Stores

Now this looks like in Egypt.. haha..
The golden hallway - Standard Chartered

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mating scenes

My male Starlet fish is finally sexually active and now, trying hard to mate with the females. This gives me a good opportunity to shoot fish in action. Here's some action shot of one of my favourite fish in the collection! Enjoy!

Starlet mating

Starlet mating

Starlet mating

Starlet mating

The male's color is really so intense and bright.. never seen such a nicely colored Poecilid fish before, the orange covered over 75% of the body and even reaching out to the tip of it's caudal fin. Superb coloration, totally contrasted with the females, drab looking fish similar to the endlers or wild guppies..