Saturday, September 29, 2012

Changes, An Unavoidable Process

It's Spring! Time flies so fast, and i'm here in New Zealand for 4 months already. Spent my first month in the vineyard, working with a company called Vincon. Enjoyed pruning and stripping, even though it's one of the toughest job ever. However, fresh air and freedom is something i like the most. Being close to nature..

However, i was considered lucky to found another job.. a more stable and permanent job in Blenheim, New Zealand. Working as a salesperson, or much nicer term, imaging specialist of Harvey Norman Blenheim. Haha.. Blink of an eye, it's already 3 months working there. Enjoyed working there, as plenty of opportunity to earn extra income from commission. All the colleague and boss, Donna are very kind, friendly and helpful! I've decided to apply for work visa because i wanted to stay longer in New Zealand to visit more places and take more photos. Fingers crossed, i hope i will be able to get my visa soon!

However, the whole 4 months was not without any bad news.. although i make a lot of friends, it's sad to see everyone left.. one by one left the backpackers after the seasonal work ends. It's real sad.. The kitchen was never the same again without all our noises and laughters.. it was a quiet and somehow, sad places from time to time. New friends comes and goes though.. that's life i guess, especially for a backpacker and traveller like me. Fall sick too, few weeks back during the starts of spring. Feels really bad and home sicks at times.

_DSC0549 copy

_DSC0593 copy

_DSC0610 copy

_DSC0617 copy

Anyway, i guess enough for today, before my readers starts to get bored.. :P
Spiced up abit, thanks to all who have been supporting me in photography throughout the years, my photo have been published again in Digital Camera Malaysia magazine. Although it's not a prize winning shot, it motivates me to work harder, to improve my photography and hopefully, make a name for myself.

Here's a snapshot of the magazine:

As spring emerges, flowers starts to bloom.. did manage to capture some while trying to redo my DIY flash diffuser for macro photography.
WM_DSC1987 copy

Also managed to take a photo of sakura blossom on Budge St. It was a beautiful sight!!
WM_DSC0739 copy copy

Btw, went to another winery for wine tasting again.. this time, Cloudy Bay! A nice place to visit, although i dont feel so comfortable in the cellar door. The host were not overall very friendly, but maybe it's just me being overly sensitive. So far, the best cellar door i've been is still Clos Henri :)

WM_DSC0698 copy