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Cherok To'kun hill

_DSC1875 copy

Everyone in BM knows this hill.. if you dont, then it's gonna be a disaster! haha.. it's on Bukit Mertajam of course. It's a place for most BM'ers to exercise, jog or simply, have some tea on the hill side. 2 main trails for those who loves to hike, the jungle and the tar road. I always prefer the jungle trail.. more challenging and not so boring. Besides, it's much more cooling too..

I've decided to bring my Dslr there.. all this while, we never shoot it before.. Nothing much of the trails though, more to touch of nature in this series.

_DSC1707 copy _DSC1708 copy

Almost got attacked by a pack of wild monkeys too.. i guess the big black thing on my hand is a threat to them. It's was a tense situation there, im all alone, monkeys giving warning and making loud noises.. better go fast but calmly.. kept my dslr straight away, just in case.. 10 minutes later, another pack of monkeys but this time, im no longer holding my dslr, so.. it's ok out there. Phewww.. imagine the situation there, and i can hear a group of dogs barking behind me.. so.. really scare at one point. I'll be dead if both attack me! haha..

_DSC1747 copy

Anyway, i manage to escape everything safely.. and back to shooting! I realized photoshooting while hiking is not as tiring, and it was more fun too.. managed to finished up the jungle trail quite easily :P phewww.. at least my stamina is still there (a little.. )

_DSC1904 copy

_DSC1875 copy

Get some rest at the Tea Club rest area up there, where the jungle trails meet the tar road. Glad there's toilet now, unlike last time.. have to either tahan till u reach the bottom or do it somewhere in the bushes for those who is in emergency d.. LOL.. There's an exercising equipments there too! Well done, im loving Cherok Tokun more!

_DSC1785 copy

Only one thing i hate, it's VANDALISM! and even worst, some it's from my secondary school! How ashamed is this!

_DSC1826 copy

_DSC1839 copy
BM High the great school? LOL..

More nature shots..
_DSC1864 copy _DSC1870 copy

We are going fast downhill, watch out!!
_DSC1909 copy

On the way downhill, saw another pack of monkeys, this is a larger version, hairier version with 2 white round patch on it's eye. Cute though.. caught some action shots of them when i look up the skies. Time wait for no-one, i click shutter all the way while pointing at 2 or 3 of them jumping to the next tree. Neck-ache, but it was all worthy.. got some shots here..

*just found out their name, it's called Spectacled Leaf Monkey, Trachypithecus obscurus
Cute indeed! hahaa with the Spec

_DSC1929 copy _DSC1931 copy

Now this look like a scene from Kung Fu Panda?
_DSC1935 copy

So there you go, a photoshoot + hiking trip in Cherok To'kun for today, thanks for viewing! I'll go again for sure to take more shots! Next round, got to bring my macro and flash diffuser :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

American Bullies!

_DSC1675 copy copy

Just bought 2 new American bullies from my friend last night.. he cannot keep up with the works and care, so decided to let go.. Bring home both mother and daughter home, Nita and Jerry.

Nita is from a Razor's Edge line, and mated with Mayday of Razor's Edge. The result? Chubby and cute Jerry! haha.. She looks bigger than her mom, thanks to Mayday's gene i guess. Her brother are even bigger, residing at KL now..

This is Nita,
_DSC1655 copy

And this is Jerry, isnt she cute?
Jerry the Bully, Mayday of Razor's Edge daughter

and my Doberman, Lassie and Prado at the back, act cool..
_DSC1667 copy

One 'happy' family.. although Nita is abit grumpy! She's 2 years old plus already, oldest among all..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Open burning @ paddy field

Open burning

A common practice among farmer after harvesting their paddy.. open burning causes air pollution and hazy condition everywhere in the vicinity. Bad for everyone and bikers like me, eyes go watery and dry. But well, it's been practiced for years and believed to be able to fertilized the soil for the next season.

Bonding with Dobes

Been with this 2 Dobes for few weeks now, and i believed we are much closer now at heart. Prado seems to be recognizing me as Alpha already (maybe! :P) and Lassie, always as naughty as she is.. This photos were taken few weeks back actually, forgotten to post. Sorry!

Here's the male, Prado, at 29 inch tall (shoulder)

And the female, Lassie, at 26 inch tall (shoulder) with a funny pose like this! haha..

Will take more photos soon as im training them now to listen and obey to me. "Sit" mastered, next is "Down".. haha

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunrise @ Permatang Pauh

There's chinese saying that starting work on the 6th day of New Year will lead to a successful work/career.. I actually dont know that, but well, i started off my day with an early morning sunrise shooting with my friend, Chan Peng Lee in Permatang Pauh paddy field at 6.30am.

It was quite hazy due to the open burning of the paddy field, as some part already harvested.
Here's the first photo coming up after my quick editing.. more coming later of the day!
Permatang Pauh Sunrise

As promised, here's few more shots from the morning :)

Permatang Pauh Sunrise 2


Kinda like the cracks on the earth, but cant seems to get a nice angle yet. Will probably try that again soon :)
Earthquake!! Not!

Our shadows on da field. haha.. just for fun!

And lastly, some part of the field which are already harvested were burned, which it's believed helps fertilized the soil for next growing season.
Burned rice field

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wild orchids of Malaysia, B.limbatum and C.corolliferum

One of the bulbophyllum i kept for years finally blooms for the first time in my garden! Saw some tiny flies attracted to it, so i tried to smell it.. and guess what, it's unpleasant! haha.. anyway, it's interesting species i have here. Look!

It looks like a tiny monster with big tongue aint it? haha.. it moves when there's vibration or air. kinda eery somehow, thank god it's tiny! :P
Bulbophylum limbatum

Here's the pollination in action, by some tiny flies.. look at the pollen attached to it! nice!
Bulbophylum limbatum
According to my friend, a big time orchid collector, she identified it as Bulbophyllum limbatum. Thanks for the ID yeah!

And here's a old time bloomer at my place, Cirrhopetalum corolliferum
But this one havent bloom yet, but it looks unique :P
Cirrhopetalum corolliferum

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year Resolution

New year is approaching, and here i am, suddenly think of some new resolution to be achieved in 2011!

1. Get out from miserable Malaysia
2. New life experience - something new perhaps, new field, new culture, etc etc
3. Good health - Need more exercises la... living an unhealthy life for few years already :(
4. Backpacking dream - that never come true yet - Euro trip!
5. Someone rich to buy all my stuff here in Penang that holding me back, all the tiny investments that i cant seems to let go that easily.. all my fishes, my pets,.. everything! (except my Mac and Dslr of course! Haha..)