Friday, March 22, 2013

Another day in the Sounds!

First of all, thousand apologies for such a long delay in posting.. Being busy, might be just an excuses, kinda neglect the blog for a little while. Laziness to be blamed :S

Euan's house, with a little patriotic touch of Malaysian flag! Thanks Euan!
Friend's house

After the flight with Sounds Aero, i visited another customer of mine, Euan Macdonald and his wife in Picton. They are such a wonderful and friendly couple. Our plan of the day was to have lunch at their place and then head to the Marlborough Sounds with his boat/yacht called Taranui.


So here they are, from left, Euan & Gillian MacDonald, and their neighbour.
Great friends!

Perfect weather

As we leaving Waikawa Bay, we pass by a huge yacht belongs to a Russian guy who tour around the world. Rumours said, he was a Russian mafia. Hahaha..
Russian mob's yacht :P

We visited several bays around the Sounds, and this particular bay is famous for the fishes here. The fishes here are accustomed to be fed by humans, and they know when boats arrived.
Hundreds of Mullets

After feeding the fishes, we head to Lochmara Lodge. One of the best place to hang out and have coffee or tea.
Cruising Along

You can canoe here, swimming, all sorts of water activities here. Great for family outing!
Lochmara Lodge

As you walk in, there's a big green gecko greets you :P
Gecko Spotted!

The cafe and bar of Lochmara Lodge
Lochmara Lodge bar and cafe

The deco here is pretty creative, and i kinda like the way they recycle computer parts and turn into this!
Creative Recycling

Besides the 'gecko', there's also Indian Ringneck Parakeet who meet and greet everyone there. Cheeky little bird.What you looking at?

Really cute parrot!

Captain Cook's parrot

and kinda naughty too!
Cute but real naughty!

Besides having coffee, there's a short walks around the lodge. It cost about $8 per entry, worth it as the money goes into conservation, especially for these highly endangered Nautilus geckos.
Green gecko enclosure

It was a really great day out with them.. had fun, relax on the wonderful cruise around the Sounds. This is how i want to spend my day off! :)
Heading home.

Steering home

Thank you for reading, will update soon, with photos from Havelock Mussel Festival 2013!