Monday, July 11, 2011

Hat Yai Bike Week 5 (8 July 2011)

Hin Motor Group Photo

Finally, i've rode my stock Kawasaki KSR 110 (2010) to Thailand! Hat Yai specifically! Our main objective there was to attend the 5th Hat Yai Bike Week.. the event are held for 2 days, on the 8 and 9 July 2010 at Hat Yai Municipal Park.
Brightwill Trading group photo

We started out our journey very early in the morning at 4.45am.. it was a lil crazy, but we need to reach the immigration as early as possible to avoid the congestion and traffic. The ride from PG - Chang Lun was smooth, except for the slight rain and a delay at the first stop to have our breakfast and collect some paperworks. On our way, we stops at Gurun rest area for some petrols at 5.30am. After having breakfast and settled the paperworks, we head out for the next petrol station at Chang Lun, and reach there at about 7.15am. There, we have our group photo with the Penang KSR Team banner and Kawasaki banner and T-shirt.

Changlun Petrol group photo

Soon after, we head to the border, and sadly, it was a really long process due to the stupid immigration officers who work so slow.. the queue was damn long! By the time we finished, it's already almost 8.40am and there's still members who stuck there. While waiting, some of us had our breakfast at Kayu Hitam. The pork-leg rice isn't that good though.. Our next stop were at the old immigration centre, where we took another group photo at 9.30am.

Border Group Photo

Our next stop is going straight to our chalet, called Buddy Resort at Hat Yai. We reach there about 10.45am, sort out our bikes, had a short break, bath, before taking a taxi ride to Nakorn. It was another long long journey.. 3 hours ride to Nakorn, to visit 2 famous Siam temple. One of which, the monk is 106 years old, and the other one were sort of like mummy.

After our day trip, we back to the hotel and it was real late already. Everyone had their rest before we headed out for dinner in town and a short visit to the Municipal Park to check our the event! Alot of bikes were already there, and not to mention, crowds! After the visit, we take a tour round the town with our little bike. It was cool riding in the night, and we dont need to wear helmets too. It feels like a lawless country, a heaven for Mat Rempit i should say.. haha.. but everyone behaved on the roads. The only crazy thing i've observed riding in Thailand was the drivers.. they are crazy! Driving fast and dangerously on the road.. the Tut-tut too.. crazy!

Hat Yai Bike Week 5 group Photo

It was a long long night.. after the town tour, we had another round of beer at the chalet, chit chatting until 5am!! Oh man.. it was a long long day..