Thursday, September 23, 2010

Macro Insects

Uhh... recently got poisoned back into macros.. thanks to Lalat King, Chan and the rest! hahaha..
So, i borrowed a Tamron Sp90, coupled with Raynox and my Sb600 with DIY softbox, im off to go.. this is the result of shooting this morning, my first attempt on macro shooting XD 'insects'
Common house fly
Fly first try

_DSC6002 copy

_DSC6006 copy

_DSC6007 copy

_DSC6034 copy

_DSC6050 copy

and some unknown moth
_DSC6046 copy

and duno wat is this.. haha
_DSC6014 copy

thats all for today, will continue to shoot in this few days and uploaded to my album. Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Betta of Malaysia

Recently i had the opportunity to see myself the real Betta kuehnei, one of the newest species described. According to my friend, the collector, he caught it some one north Malaysia to South Thailand, Saton area if im not mistaken. It does look pretty similar to the pugnax group members, but one differences were the blue mask on the face and some throat marking, which until today, im still blurred and confused. haha..

Here's some close up photos of the newest betta, the Betta kuehnei!
Betta kuehnei

Betta kuehnei

Betta kuehnei

Besides kuehnei, he also have a colony of wild Betta stigmosa, from Terenganu.
Betta stigmosa, Terengganu

Betta stigmosa, Terengganu

Betta stigmosa, Terengganu