Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chowrasta Market

It was a very long day.. woke up at 4.30am, heads to Penang island, and to the construction site of Penang 2nd Link just to catch the sunrise. It was not a good day, no visible sun that morning, just a moody emo day..

Penang 2nd Link

Stranded ship

So we hurried to the next outing session at Chowrasta market which was schedule at 7.30am..! Gosh, we are late! Anyway, we reach there about 8am, have some talks and breakfast at a famous place,.. i forgot the name though.. and start shooting along the Chowrasta.

Loan sharks leftover

Freaky grouper, with weird things on it's mouth..
Freaky Grouper

and then, there was this weird dog too, with its teeth poking out of it's mouth!
Farrelli Dog dreaming

This is something that i cant make my mind.. colors or black & white? Both always appeals me..
The kid of Chowrasta B&W The kid of Chowrasta

Popiah skin.. to those who knows.. popiah skin are very very thin and i always wonder how they make it.. now i know! HAND MADE!
Popiah Skin guru

That was my morning.. and we head to E&O for the NASOM Photo Exhibition and some english tea* for the day... nice! Thats the way to spend the day!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pre-wedding Photoshoot for Newly-Wed/Engaged couple

Hey guys, got a short break from blogging due to numbers of photoshoots lately.. 2012 is just around the corner, and i have a great present for these particular category:

a) Engaged couple
b) Newly-wed

For those who saw this post, please contact me via for more information. I'm currently having a project running related to pre-wedding photoshoot and i need 5-10 couples who can and want to have a pre-wedding photoshoot around Penang island/mainland Penang.

The FIRST 5 couples who emailed me will be rewarded* with a pre-wedding photoshoot package!! So hurry, book your place before the list filled up.
* terms and condition applies

Here's some of the pre-wedding shoots that i shot lately

_DSC6287 copy _DSC6816 copy

Monday, December 5, 2011

Street Shooting

Went to the heritage area last sunday for a street shooting session again.. good practice for me. Went there around noon with Yee Loon, and thankfully the weather isnt that bad.. it's partly cloudy, but still humid enough to make you uncomfortable. Anyway, i've got some shots..

This is my fav shots of the day.. 2 version, which one do you prefer?
The Olden Days B+W The Olden Days

Drying meat, or some sort of bacons..
Drying meat

A bunch of cigarettes VS a bunch of shits
A Bunch of Ciggies VS A bunch of Shit

Is this what you called leading line? :P
Leading line?

Some kind of dough?

Abstract? Composite? i have no idea bout all this..
Composite or Abstract or not?

Another fav shot.. poor little rabbits
Poor Rabbit

Thursday, December 1, 2011

DW 1st Wanderversary Photowalk winners announced!!

The results are out!!
Here's the winner from each theme

Theme 1: Penang. Congratulation to Miss Elynn Cheah!

Theme 2: Street Food. Congratulation to Mr. Michael Sng!

Theme 3: Dream Wanderers. Congratulation to Mr. Rayner Tay

Still cant believe it! I won the Grand Champion prize for the Dream Wanderers 1st Wanderversary Photowalk Competition 2011! Received call last night.. it thought it was a prank or something.. didnt expect this at all! Thank you so much to the organizer, to Mr. Ng Yee Loon, committee members, judges:  Jeymatt, John Liew and Kevin Chooi and all the participants and members of Dream Wanderers..

Here's my entries and comment from the judges:

Theme 1: Penang

Theme 2: Street Food
Street food: Sesame Ball

Theme 3: Dream Wanderers
Khor Harn Sheng- Dream Wanderers

1:Very strong relevance to the Theme for Shot 1!! Brings back old memories of olden days Penang!!
2: Composition is great!!! In the image exists the whole process of the production of the kuih.
3: This shot sows the passion of th
e members of DW who brought it all the way today! The moment was indeed captured!

John :
1: The feel of Old Penang is definitely here! The relation of the subjects in the image is superb( from trishaw to bicycle and pushcart!) in an environment of olden penning!
2: Composition is strong and there is a story told without much explaining to do.
3: THe first thing I saw in this image is the blue bermuda pants! The DW spirit is present!!!

Win liao la, still want say meh??
( You have already won, why do you still want an explanation)

Thank you once again for all the supports. I will continue to work harder in photography. A big motivation for me.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Georgetown, Unesco World Heritage

Dream Wanderers, a photo-based Facebook group based in Penang organized the first Photowalk as a celebration of their first anniversary. The event started at Old Town, Church Street and we were allowed to shoot around the heritage site.

There were 3 themes, and we have to submit photos by 12pm. Only minor editing are allowed. This is what i've submitted.

a) Only in Penang
I'm not quite sure whether it fits the theme but i like this photos. I feel it do portray the olden days in Penang where bicycles were the main mode of transportation and today, we still can find some around the heritage area. I love Penang, a mix of new and old.

b) Street Food
Cant really get the shots i imagine..but here a street food shot that i've chosen in a hurry
Street food: Sesame Ball

c) Dream Wanderers
This theme.. well... my entry are not worth mentioning.. :P

Anyway, after few days of selection and editing.. here's some of my favourite street photography shots taken in that morning.

Trishaw and Georgetown Round the clock

Street Laksa Old housing

HDR Temple
HDR Temple

Street Foods - Penang Road Famous Cendol
Penang Road's Famous Cendol

C&C are very much appreciated!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jinju, Elegante

It was an unexpected photoshoot for me, as i was actually on the way back when i saw Geoffrey at the Church Street Pier. Thought what was he doing during such a heavy rain.. a call and i'm invited to join the portraiture shoot for Jinju, a beautiful model from Taiping, Perak. Thanks to Jinju, and Geoffrey and the geng for the invites and opportunity to shoot.

It's been a while i've not shoot any models, been pretty busy with weddings, traveling and backpacking. Anyway, here i am now, back to Penang, and continue to work harder to improve my modeling shoots in the near future. 

here's some of the photos that i've shot during the evening, hope you guys like it :)

WM_DSC1369 copy-1 copy

WM_DSC1370 copy

WM_DSC1437 copy

WM_DSC1419 copy

WM_DSC1397 copy

WM_DSC1364 copy-1 copy WM_DSC1543 copy

WM_DSC1475 copy copy

WM_DSC1494 copy