Thursday, March 31, 2011

Porsche Centra Bukit Bintang

_DSC3356 copy

I was invited by my friend, Shiang Horng to a special event, the grand opening of Porsche Centra Bukit Bintang (PCBB) and the launch of the new Porsche 911 Carrera GTS in Malaysia. It was an honour to attend such an event. My first time too!

_DSC3349 copy

We were there early, so decided to see the line up of Porsche cars on the main entrance of Pavillon, KL. The Porsche Enthusiast group were having a record breaking gathering of Porsche supercars.

_DSC3374 copy _DSC3358 copy

_DSC3365 copy

Look at this one, special matte silver Porsche. Looks cool isnt it?
_DSC3380 copy

_DSC3382 copy

The new PCBB was a grand showroom! Simply stunning building, by Sime Darby.
_DSC3444 copy

_DSC3411 copy _DSC3434 copy

_DSC3427 copy

Opening speech from emcee, and manager of the new PCBB
_DSC3449 copy

Ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveiled the main logo of the showroom, non other than the iconic red Porsche word.
_DSC3454 copy

_DSC3459 copy

_DSC3469 copy

_DSC3564 copy

After a lil break with superb dinner buffet served outside the showroom, with plenty of drinks and liquor for everyone! The main highlight of the event were also the launch of the new 911 Carrera GTS;

_DSC3506 copy

_DSC3513 copy

_DSC3531 copy

_DSC3549 copy

Such a nice event isnt it? Porsche were generous too with the goodie bags (although we couldnt get one on that day, finished... :( but, they promised to send it to our house instead! Thanks in advance! :P ) Anyway, we got alot of stuff too.. which include 4gb Pendrive and Porsche Design Global Grooves I. Look!

_DSC3695 copy

Thanks to Shiang Horng for the invites and the opportunity to attend such a glamour event (although i dont seems to fit in.. haha.. i dont even own a Porsche.. sobzz )

Oh ya, they also opening their order book for the new electric hybrids, Porsche 918! Only 918 units will be produced and Msia will get about 10-20 units. So hurry, place your order! *psst.. only RM3 Million. Hahahaa...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moscow Black

Moscow Black

Finally, my F2 Moscow Black is turning up to be something much more solid and good shape, IMHO. The black also covers almost 100%, except a slight line on the belly.. It's a blue-based Moscow Black, not the typical green-based, but it turns out pretty good at 5 months old. Hope it stays strong for the next few months cause im planning to send this fella to the comps. :P

Both male and female have big and broad extended dorsal, and a huge caudal too.. Let see what comes out in F3! Finger's crossed XD

What do you think of this batch? Good?

Bulbophyllum lobbii & Dendrobium Stardust

_DSC2793 copy
Bulbophyllum lobbii

This week blooms; the wonderful showy flower of Bulbophyllum lobbii from Sabah
and Dendrobium Stardust, one of the nice hybrids that does retain some wilderness in it. This time, the dendrobium rewarded me with not one (like usual) but 7 flowers! NICE!!

Dendrobium Stardust
Dendrobium Stardust

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BMW 6 Series Coupe, Audi, Porsche... yummy!

_DSC2752 copy

I loves supercars!! Who doesnt? the sexy line, roaring engines, it's simply an engineering marvel!
It happens to be a mini car show in Gurney Plaza last sunday.. we went there for lunch after the hikes and stay a while to view some of the cars there.. nothing much really, a few nice one such as Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi and of cos, my all time fav, the BMWs! There were 2, the 6 series coupe and the new Z4! NICE!!

After lunch, we went for shoot for some of the cars there.. here it is;

_DSC2741 copy _DSC2748 copy

_DSC2749 copy

and of course, the Porsche. Only a shot though.. there's too many crowds around.. :(
_DSC2760 copy

Pantai Kerachut with Dream Wanderers

_DSC2669 copy

Went to jungle trekking last sunday at Penang one and only national park, which have few interesting places such as MOnkey Beach, Muka Head and Pantai Kerachut.

We head straight to Pantai Kerachut, a beach famous with the Meromictic Lake and turtle laying eggs. It was wonderful! We have turtles in Penang!!

The entrance, now, everyone have to register themselves in the counter, in case something bad happen, such as lost in the jungle or smtg.. and u have to check out too! Quite troublesome, but it's for everyone's good.
_DSC2521 copy

Hanging bridge
_DSC2524 copy

Some floras along the trek..
_DSC2553 copy

_DSC2559 copy

After 2 hours of trekking, we finally reach the beach. The Meromictic lake was hideous, so, i've decided not to take photos of it.. after a lil rest, we went to the Turtle Hatchery were there's some informative boards over there, and few baby turtles :(

Look at the eggs clutches.. the officers there told us there will be 3-4 sightings of turtles coming up to lay eggs each week! That;s a good news!
_DSC2675 copy

_DSC2678 copy

_DSC2697 copy

There's a tsunami warning thing installed on the jetty too! Like!
_DSC2731 copy

and we took a boat home to the jetty at Teluk Bahang, cost us RM10 per person or RM100 per boat. He does bring us for a lil tour around, and look at this! Does it look like turtle?
_DSC2737 copy

Will definitely go again, when the lake is in pristine condition that is. :P

Monday, March 7, 2011


_DSC2342 copy

It was owned by my friend, Kevin Chai. Located in Empire Gallery @ Subang Parade, it was a nice place to hang out with friends and have some fun coloring and have some great drinks! For those who have kids, you can bring them here to play! It's located on the third floor, so, come on guys, have a visit and have fun plastering! XD

Cute ladybug? haha..
_DSC2339 copy

Some oldie playing cards!
_DSC2347 copy

The menu! Food and drinks was great, and priced reasonably! Thumbs up!
_DSC2355 copy

FRagile plaster figurine.. ready to be colored according to your taste and imagination :P
_DSC2366 copy

_DSC2369 copy

Old time Pikachu is here too, with it's geng.. haha..
_DSC2388 copy

This is blue bird, not angry bird.. *but psst.. i heard the Real Angry Bird is coming to PLASTER FUN HOUSE!
_DSC2392 copy

Cute 101 Dalmation was here too..
_DSC2396 copy

so what you guys waiting for? Head to Empire Gallery now! Opens 10am-10pm daily.
* say my name, got 10% DISCOUNT! :P

Thursday, March 3, 2011

KL KL.. my fav destination!


My first ever trip to KL in 2011! It's been months i havent go to KL lo.. ups and downs here in PG, with bad financial record :(

Manage to get some time off to go down KL meet up with Gerry and Lam Lam from Sabah. My photography sifu and one of my best bros!

_DSC2158 copy

Bring Gerry and Lam Lam to Ikano Power Centre, Sunway Pyramid and KLCC and shoots some photos while shopping and sight-seeing. Here's some photos :)

Tea-time @ Sunway Pyramid
_DSC2175 copy

Canon 1D MK4 with 17-40 L lens oh! DOnt play play! hehehee...
_DSC2171 copy

Den we head to KLCC, saw a BMW F1 car on display! Such a beast! If im a billionaire, i'll own one of this! haha...
_DSC2183 copy

_DSC2193 copy

and of course, the MUST SHOOT thing in KL, the Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC! This time, testing with my new Nikkor 16-35 F4. How was it? :P


meet up with more friends, old and new.. it was wonderful! Cant wait for the next trip!