Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Couch Surfing!

First time hosting couch surfers! Interesting idea where one can make more friends by hosting or surfing when you travels anywhere in the world. I've just joined the CS recently when i received a message from Liz about hosting her and friends in Penang.

It wasn't the best time for someone to stay at my place but i'm able to show them around Penang and try out local foods! We had some great time travelling around Penang island, and i've even tried the local transport, Rapid Penang for the first time! Hahaa.. The first day, we went to Botanical Garden, Penang National Park and Chew Jetty. Here's some photos from that day.

Mother & baby having breakfast Intriguing

Barnacle 'city'
Barnacles City

Ratana and Vicky
Vicky Ratana chilling

The next day, we decided to browse through Sunday morning market at Chowrasta. One of my favourite place to street shoot! It makes me wonder, where's the young one?

This is how some vendor dried their chopsticks :P In an old basket on 2 motorbikes
Drying Chopsticks

Pity the 'model' huh... caged and locked inside. Lifeless..
Caged & Locked

We walked pass a local food store, where one guy sells this local breakfast called "Mang Chang Kueh". It's made of flour, sprinkled with sugar, peanuts, canned corns and cooked to perfection under hot plate on a charcoal. "Mang Chang Kueh"

They love it!
Ratana (Cambodia), Liz (US) & Vicky (Canada)

We walked around Georgetown, exploring and visit the street art-drawings on the old buildings by the famous artist, Ernext Zacharevic. Here's some of them. Street Art - Ernest Zacharevic

Street Art - Ernest Zacharevic

Oh and look at this cute little girl.. and i'm disturbing her having breakfast.. sorry!
Dont Disturb me eating laaaahh!

After Georgetown, we head over to Butterfly Farm for a short visit before rushing back to town to catch the bus to KL. They almost missed the bus due to bad public transport and traffic but thankfully, managed to catch the bus on time with the help of a taxi driver.

Hope you guys enjoyed the trip and tour in Penang, and i'm looking forward to visit you guys in Cambodia one day.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Here's a series of well, the Stare or "what you looking at" face photos taken recently in the morning market of Chowrasta. Two photos that tells different story. Caption? :)

What you looking at? 1
This is quite obvious i would say.. it's either he is naturally grumpy looking? Hot weather? No business-customers? You decide!

What you looking at? 2
This is kinda weird or awkward in a sense, where, he is a monk or could it be, 'questionable monk' if you're looking from that couple point of view. The body language of the couple seems to be showing some contradiction. I dont know the whole story, but you tell me!