Monday, October 8, 2012

Wither Hill revisited

Another day off and as usual, we all have no idea where to go! Hah! Then the idea of sunrise shooting came up by a friend, and so we plan ahead. Destination? Wither Hill Farm Park. Pretty near, plus, we need to get up pretty early.

We woke up around 5am in the morning, get some breakfast before heading there and start climbing around 5.30am. Man, it was freezing cold.. the wind was terribly strong and cold, to a point where my hand almost frozen! No way i could hold my tripod longer than 30 seconds.. it's just too cold!  Anyway, we managed to hike up against the elevation and coldness, reach the top of Mount Vernon to see the sun just about to rise. Set up my tripod, and shot a few photos.. here's my pick:

Using Cokin GND filter, and merge two photos to get the sky exposed to my liking.
Wither Hill sunrise

Is this considered HDR? hmmmm...Anyway,
looking at the sky, we saw a dark patch of cloud from the south rising and getting nearer and nearer. We decided to get down the hill quickly. On the way down, i stumble across some nice background-foreground and lines. Hard to explain, so let the photo do the justice.
Wither Hill sunrise B+W

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