Sunday, August 11, 2013

Street Shooting @ Georgetown, Penang

I'm back to Penang, and back to street photography on our very own Unesco World Heritage Site, Georgetown! There's always something to shoot here, peoples, old buildings, bicycles and trishaws, and recently, wall painting by Ernest Zacharevic which spice up Georgetown and bring heaps of tourist from all over the world here.

I'm glad i have such a site weekly to snap some street shooting and improve myself in both composition and guts to get closer. Hahaa..

Here's some of the photos i've shot in the weekends.
Iconic look

Most of the local residents here still resort to bicycles as their main mode of transportation
WMDSC_7766 copy

and of course, motorcycles!
WMDSC_7743 copy

This guy is famous for his rice paper
WMDSC_7764 copy

This guy is still making the traditional sign for houses
WMDSC_7828 copy

Here's the famous painting from Ernest, with 2 new 'models' posing :P
WMDSC_7871 copy

Little kid reaching for something.. of course, another famous painting from Ernest
WMDSC_7877 copy

Houses of Tok Aka Lanes. Note: The photos is not distorted. The ancient construction are not that precise and this is the result. Unique though :)
Faces of Tok Aka Lane