Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Day in Gaya Street

WM_DSC7254 copy

One of the main attraction in Sabah was the fame Pasar Tamu, where locals sells their harvest/products on a specific site. There are wide variety of items selling there.. ranging from local foods, biscuits, vegetables, fruits, flowers, pets, clothing, souvenirs, and many more!! It's a must visit place for tourist!

In Kota Kinabalu town, it is held at Gaya Street, every sunday morning to afternoon.. when i was in KK, i visit the tamu almost every sunday. There's almost something new, something interesting to see or buy there :P

See? Various tubers up for sale, sweet potato, tapioca, yam, and many more!
WM_DSC7126 copy

This is a famous cup cake i presume, they call it UFO
WM_DSC7133 copy copy

Look at the chicks and ducklings for sale!
WM_DSC7137 copy

They even sell puppies here..
WM_DSC7144 copy

Nice flower isnt it?
WM_DSC7142 copy

Oh.. this was a giant pineapple, made up of many tiny pineapples
WM_DSC7149 copy

My favourite Lokan
WM_DSC7151 copy

Look how they sell fishes here! Oh my..
WM_DSC7159 copy

WM_DSC7161 copy

WM_DSC7163 copy

and there's massage service by the blinds
WM_DSC7169 copy

Even ant nest are up for sale, as a traditional medicine!
WM_DSC7178 copy

Fancy local artist? here's a great artist's work.. you can even watch him/her draw on the spot!
WM_DSC7180 copy

And this is a ugly thing, a bag made up of real bullfrog skin!! ewwwwww....
WM_DSC7181 copy

So there you go.. tempted to go now? hehe.. do visit the tamu on Gaya Street every Sunday morning! I bet you'll find something interesting there!

Yummy Foods around Kota Kinabalu

WM_DSC7476 copy

I went to Kota Kinabalu for a week, and i miss alot of things there! My friends, the beautiful scenery and not forgetting, the FOOD!! I've been going here and there, trying famous local foods available around Kota Kinabalu.. thanks to my friends who bringing me around and introduce me. I know.. i've been there for 3 years plus, and yet, i don't know much about nice tasty famous foods whereabouts. So this round, it's time to compensate! hehee..

Laksa @ Seng Hing Coffee Shop, somewhere behind Le Meridien
WM_DSC6747 copy copy

Seng Hing Coffee Shop
WM_DSC6750 copy copy

Beaufort Mee @ Gaya Street
WM_DSC7174 copy

Lokan Panggang ( a type of clams ) @ Tuaran
WM_DSC7424 copy

Cooking in process
WM_DSC7438 copy

Look how juicy it is!! YUM!
WM_DSC7431 copy

WM_DSC7476 copy

They also have mud crabs, but we didnt order that..
WM_DSC7448 copy

There are many small stores on the road side! The famous dishes here were the Lokan Panggang and Kelapa Pudding (coconut pudding)
WM_DSC7459 copy

And how can you miss this, glorious seafoods! CHEAP one too! Seafood is a must if you visit KK, it's cheap and it;s good. We had this wonderful dinner at Welcome Seafood, somewhere in Beverly, Penampang.
WM_DSC7716 copy

So many dishes, only RM150! We have Tilapias, Big prawns, Mantis Shrimps, Another type of shellfish (famous in Sabah), vegetables, soups and it's all RM150! How cheap?
WM_DSC7719 copy

Last but not least, another famous dish, Fish Head Mee Hoon (vermicelli). This fish is Giant grouper's head! Not that giant, but big enough for me! This shop is at Hilltop, Luyang.
WM_DSC7792 copy

Not so much on this short trip, i'll make sure to post more nice foods next round! Hehee.. so stay tuned and start drooling!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Favourites of the Competition

Platinum Mosaic, my fav

Here's my personal favourite from the competition :)

Class 8 Platinum:Metal:Medusa 2nd Place

Black swallow male

Another fav 1

Another fav 3

Another fav 2

2nd Malaysia International Betta and Guppy Competition 2011

Class 5 Solid Red 1st Place & Grand Champion

Here's the photos of the Champion guppy taken during the competition. Congratulation to all the winners! I only manage to get 3rd place, good enough as a start! Lovin my Moscow Black even more! hehehe..

Class 1 Swallow & Ribbon Champion
Class 1 Swallow & Ribbon 1st Place

Class 2 Swordtail Champion
Class 2 Swordtail 1st Plac copy

Class 3 Shorttail Champion
Class 3 Short tail 1st Place

Class 4 Solid Blue Champion
Class 4 Solid Blue 1st Place

Class 4 Solid Blue 3rd Place
2nd Runner up (My Moscow Black)

Class 5 Solid Red Champion - GRAND CHAMPION winner!
Class 5 Solid Red 1st Place & Grand Champion

Class 6 Solid Albino Champion
Class 6 Solid Albino 1st Place

Class 7 Pattern Albino Champion
Class 7 Pattern Albino 1st Place

Class 8 Platinum/metal/medusa Champion
Class 8 Platinum:Metal:Medusa 1st Place

Class 9 Mosaic Champion
Class 9 Mosaic 1st Place

Class 10 Grass Champion
Class 10 Grass 1st Place

Class 11 Snakeskin Champion
Class 11 Snakeskin 1st Place

Class 12 Tuxedo Champion
Class 12 Tuxedo 1st Place

Class 14 Open/New Strain
Class 14 Open:New Strain 1st Place

Class 15 Juvenile Champion
Class 15 Juvenile 1st Place