Saturday, April 30, 2011

Permatang Pauh sunset

Permatang Pauh Sunset

Paddy field greenery and the golden sun never failed to amazed me. Took some shots few days ago somewhere around Bukit Merah, near Permatang Pauh town. How was it?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My new girl! GR baby!

_DSC3895 copy

Yeeeehhaaaaa! My Golden Retriever puppy finally arrived at my home! Abit too sudden as i was expecting her to come next month. Anyway, love her so much! She's so hyper, calm, and confident all the way.. not afraid of anyone and very very playful! Such an outgoing puppy! She's the only one in the litter, so the mom take good care of her. Now, it's my turn, and im gladly do :P

Itchy mouth..bites everything!

Look! How sweet is the smile! It makes me smile too :P
_DSC3907 copy

and she know's how to pose too.. isnt she pretty, elegant and cute?
_DSC3898 copy

Monday, April 11, 2011

KSR @ Genting Highland


It was the longest ride on a bike to anywhere, and yea, it was a super fun ride! We started our journey on friday noon, about 3pm from Juru, Penang. All together, 14 members if im not mistaken, 2 big bikes, Yamaha R1 and Kawasaki Z1000 join the convoy to Genting. Real powerful bike! Envy! :P

There were few complication/incidents, where member's bikes broke down, car tyre punctures.. but it was all good, everyone is safe through out the journey.

One bike down @ Bukit Merah. It was den carried up the Ford Ranger.

We stops in few places along the North-South Highway, stops at Tanjung Malim for a good dinner before heading uphill to our apartment @ Genting View Resort.

Rest @ Tapah rest area - toilet break and some snacks - the karipap is nice, or im just too hungry? lol..

Car breakdown, tyre punctured and exploded. Thank god the PLUS Highway fella helped us.



We reach there about 11 smtg to 12 midnight, check in, get a good bath (it was a wet rides.. under heavy rains!! ) and riding up again to Genting Highland resorts and hotels for a good late night supper. All of us were damn hungry and we ate porridges and stuff at the casino. Some of the members gamble while some of us were hanging around till 6 smtg in the morning. It was a real cold ride downhill back to the resort!

Reached Maxim Hotel

I went back up around noon for lunch with friends and meet up with the members around 4 smtg.. Riding around Genting Highland seriously attracting hell lot of attention. Crowds were gathering, police were around, asking.. eh what bike is this? how much? how many cc? this and that! It was fun though! hehee..



Great parking spot @ P5, First World Hotel. Good security!

First World Hotel

On the third day, which is sunday, me, Kit and Nick hop on for last ride uphill to meet up with some of the members up there. We stops at one temple,


100420112687 100420112688


Didnt took much photos afterward,.. after gather up with the members up there, we took some photos, make a final ride around Genting Highland before coming downhill to the resort for another around of steamboat. At about 1.30pm, we made our journey back to Penang. Stops few places for fuel and makan, met some superbike geng.. It was a wonderful trip, thanks to everyone who are involved in this trip, sorry if im slowing you guys down.. hope to join you guys again for another trip!

Ending our trip @ Shell, Juru Toll @ 6.30pm.

Overall, my ori Kawasaki KSR;

Top speed, 110kmh
Fuel Consumption, i spend about Rm60-70 on Ron 97 (RM2.70/liter)
Distance travelled, almost 1000km
PG - Genting, 9 hours
Genting - PG, 5 hours

It was a smooth and good trip up, although a lil slow, and jerky on the way uphill, too cold?
But it was all good, everyone having good times up there and good rides all the way, and importantly, everyone's safe and sound throughout the journey!

THANKS guys!!

* photos are taken with Nokia N95. It was a raining season, so i dont dare to bring my dslr.. :P

Thursday, April 7, 2011



Things been going pretty slow recently, from almost every aspect..
Let's tear it down to few diff section;

Business, Fish - Pretty slow, but business is still running. Moving everything (well, almost!) but importantly, the rack in my room is finally out! Yes, OUT! Most of the stuff now are in the backyard, a base for my small little business of fish breeding. Guppies numbers are blooming, with majorities are the Moscow Black strain, which i did see some potentials in it.. the reds, the blues.. the wildies, the tanganyikans, the amazonians, the shrimps.. pheww.. quite alot also ar.. hahaa.. thinking to slow down so that i can focus on other part of my life.

Photography - It's getting better, as i can see.. with photos coming out in local magazines, websites, and few more projects coming up, latest is shooting for CTY Aquarium in Penang, and next is a tutor for a workshop in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. So yes, i cant wait to go back there!! Was hoping to hook more jobs in the near future, hopefully i do have some skills to compete in this crazily competitive field where probably 6-7 guys (out of 10) owned a DSLR and calledthemselves 'Photographer'! How true is that? Not here to criticize but Ken Rockwell is right, professional photographer term is strictly for those who are making a living in this field, and the rest, are just amateurs..

and here's my latest achievement (sort of).. being interviewed by a local mag called Pets, where i supplied the photos for the articles of course.



Last, but not least; my life

Lotsa confusion going on.. especially on the path that i should choose and go deeper (the career part). Should i get a job and run the business side by side? I think it's a good choice but am not sure if im able to handle both nicely.. i'll shall try pretty soon!

Im actually thinking of leaving the country, going overseas and get some experiences while travelling. Still saving money for that though.. so, it's still on-going. Probably next year!

And yes, im sensing something bigger is about to change my life. Something that could bring a big effect to me, positively im sure.. i shall update you guys once it's ok. Just wish me luck! XD