Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our beloved senior, Aazif's wedding day

First of all, congratulation to Aazif and his wife, and also his brother for the double wedding! May both of you blessed with endless happiness and smiles, and live happily ever after :D

Thanks for inviting all of us for the wedding, and preparing a VIP table for us! Really appreciated it! Here's some photos of the wedding to share,

_DSC3066 copy

_DSC3067 copy _DSC3075 copy

_DSC3098 copy

_DSC3102 copy

_DSC3112 copy

_DSC3115 copy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lucky Lucky Smokey the Monkey

Woah... now this is sooooo unbelievable!! I won another RM50 from TheStar thumbnails!! Yeaa haaa... Twice in a row on the paper is crazy! I like it! Thank you so much TheStar and everyone!

Smokey the Monkey won!

Monday, June 21, 2010

TheStar thumbnails!

Yeah.. i won RM50 from TheStar thumbnails!! Im so happy!


The photo was taken last week, somewhere Citytel Hotel area during a traffic jam. Saw the dog sitting happily on a trishaw. Took my N95 and take a shot, and submit to TheStar Thumbnails and voila, today, it is published! Im so happy.. hehehehe...

Balik Kampung trip

Last saturday, i joined 2 uncle for a short trip to Ulu Tawar, Sg.Sedim area.. a place where it is really kampung! We went to visit his hunting geng, all the pakcik pakcik there but sadly, we dont have the chance to meet all of them... only 3 pakcik left, out of 10 plus.. alll already left the world. Sad isnt it, but it's reality.. we all age with time..

Let's get back to the trip, the first pakcik, called Din have a monkey pet. He is really cute, but very naughty.. even learned how to smokes.. Look at his face, so high already..
Smoking monkey = Smokey

Smoking with style!
_DSC2934 copy

and we interview the monkey, how many cigarettes he have taken? Monkey: i lost count at 40 sticks.. =.= jus kidding...
_DSC2932 copy

Next, we visit to Pak Usob's house.

_DSC2996 copy

along the kampung road, there were the footsteps of wild boars, nickname Jungle Tractor, digging for worms and scavenge for food around the villages..
_DSC3041 copy

_DSC2997 copy

his ceiling were lined with egg crates.. a efficient and cheap insulation
_DSC2958 copy

he live alone now.. his wife pass away 2 years ago and left him alone. How sad is it.. Anyway, he is very friendly, sharing with us all the experiences that they lived during the hunting days.. about how they hunt Mawas (Howler monkey if im not mistaken), Wild Boar or wild encounter with tigers.. very interesting!
_DSC2990 copy

Look at the streams around Pak Usob's house.. crystal clear water! I wish i have a house surrounded by such streams! The pebbles are unique too!
_DSC3021 copy _DSC3025-1

Such a nice environment isnt it? I envy them.. hope to visit them again soon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

1st Malaysia International Guppy & Betta Charity Competition

This event were held on the 11th to 13th June 2010 at Gurney Plaza, Penang. The event were very successful with big crowds turn out and lots of entries from both guppy and betta side, where combined entries of over 700 tanks! One of the biggest so far!

Thanks to Guppy Society of Malaysia and Betta Society of Malaysia, as well as all the judges from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan and of course, the sponsors and media!

Here's the list of the guppy competition winners:

CLASS 1: Swallow and Ribbon(Trio)
3rd:Wong Swee Weng-Malaysia

CLASS 2) Swordtail
1st:Peter Chong-Malaysia

CLASS 3) Short tail
1st:Peter Chong-Malaysia
2nd:Peter Chong-Malaysia
3rd:Peter Chong-Malaysia

CLASS 4) Solid Blue
1st:Darren Lee-Malaysia
3rd:Darren Lee-Malaysia

CLASS 5) Solid Red
2nd:Eric Chong-Malaysia
3rd:Peter Chong-Malaysia

CLASS 6) Solid Albino
1st:Goh Ben Yin-Malaysia

CLASS 7) Pattern Albino
2nd:David Chong-Malaysia
3rd:Peter Chong-Malaysia

CLASS 8) Platinum/Metal/Medusa
1st:Renaldy Santoso-Indo
2nd:Darren Chong-Malaysia
3rd:Peter Chong-Malaysia

CLASS 9) Mosaic
2nd:Peter Chong-Malaysia

CLASS 10) Grass
1st:Peter Chong-Malaysia
2nd:Tan Hoong Keat-Malaysia
3rd:Wang Li-China

CLASS 11) Snakeskin
2nd:Lynn- Malaysia

CLASS 12) Tuxedo
1st:Peter Chong-Malaysia
3rd:Tan Lai Fong-Malaysia

CLASS 13: Female(All participated female guppies are automatically qualified)

Class 14:AOC/New Strain
1st:Mr Yap(GC)-Spore
2nd:How Tuersin-Spore

Class 15:Student Group
1st:Lai Shim Tee-日新獨中
2nd:Lai Jin Xiang-日新獨中
3rd:Tan Guan Yuan-三德小學

Class 16:Juvenile(veil)
1st:CPS Guppy Farm-Malaysia
2nd:How Twee Sin-Spore
3rd:Yeoh Can Pin-Malaysia

Congratulation to all winners!!

Here's some photos of the events as well as winning fishes. For more photos, please visit

Competition area
Competition tanks

Competition tanks

Competition tanks

Organizer and Committee
Organizer announcing winners

Proud team

Opening ceremony - Ribbon cutting
Ribbon cutting ceremony

Judging for grand champion

Grand Champion winner
The owner of the grand champion, from Taiwan

Albino Blue Tuxedo

Metal Grass

Yellow Tuxedo

Purple Grass

Albino Red Grass

Albino Vienna Emerald DS

Snakeskin speartail


Albino Red Grass

Metal Blue Grass

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Micropoecilia parae

One of my favourite fish of all time, from the genus Micropoecilia. I used to have 2 pairs, bought from SLS, for a short period, giving birth to 1 and 8 fries respectively and both pairs died.. :( Thankfully, from the 9 fries, i've managed to get 2 red males and 7 females! And now, they have all grown up and started producing fries.. i've collected over 17 fries so far! YES!

Last week, i obtained 4 males from my friend, the only original 4 males left from the shipment. There were 2 yellow, 1 red and 1 blue! I've decided to buy all 4 and make a cross back to my females and hopefully, there's some other melanzoma will pop up instead of red only.. wish me luck! :)

Micropoecilia parae melanzoma red
Micropoecilia parae melanzoma red

Micropoecilia parae melanzoma red

Micropoecilia parae melanzoma yellow
Micropoecilia parae melanzoma yellow

Micropoecilia parae melanzoma yellow

Micropoecilia parae melanzoma blue
Micropoecilia parae melanzoma blue

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

iPhone 4

I received an email from Apple this morning.. with the newly launch iPhone 4! What can i say, after few leaked 'iphone 4g' surfaced, finally Steve Jobs officially announced the killer iPhone 4!

isnt this tempting? with such a thinner and sleeker design, high resolution screen - Retina display, glass cover, 5mpx LED flash, HD video, 1gb CPU, and the new iOS4, it's crazy! Oh ya, video call is also finally available with the new iphone, but limited to iphone 4 users over wifi. Anyway, i dont use video call that much though.. :D

Apple always create something that poisoned me.. with my first Apple purchases, the Macbook Pro 13 (2009), i'm deeply poisoned! Then the iPad came.. and now, iPhone 4! I was about to purchases the iPod nano too..bad Apple..bad bad Apple.. emptying my pockets... haha

Let's wait for the announcement from our local telcos.. Maxis to sell it here in Malaysia and hopefully, i can afford one.. it's time for my Nokia N95 to retired and go for full range Apple!

Head over to for more information and start drooling!!! hehehe...

* photos are taken from Apple website