Friday, December 31, 2010

Flowerhorn - Photo of the Week

Won another Photo Of The Week organized by Aquatic Photography website.

_DSC8447 copy

Thank you so much, guys!

Aquafair Guppy Competition 2010

Here's some shots of the champion winner guppies during the competition held during Aquafair @ KLCC.

Class 1 Champion - Solid Color - Albino Full Red
Class 1 Solid Color Champion

Class 3 Champion - Bi-color - Sky Blue which also happens to be the overall GRAND CHAMPION
Class 3 Bi Color Champion

Class 4 Champion - Blue Mosaic
Class 4 Mosaic Champion

Class 5 Champion - Red Lace
Class 5 Lace Champion

Class 6 Champion - Vienna Emerald Doublesword
Class 6 Swordtail Champion

Class 7 Champion - Short tail
Class 7 Short tail Champion

The REAL Betta gladiator!

Presenting, the REAL Betta gladiator from Maliau Basin itself! It is caught by Mr. LC Chan of ADA Malaysia and was showcase during Aquafair held few weeks back at KLCC, Malaysia.

I was lucky to get some shots of the real gladiator pair, enjoy!

Betta gladiator

Betta gladiator 1

Betta gladiator 2

For anyone who is interested to use this photos, please contact me via email Thanks!