Saturday, March 31, 2012


Cant really believe i've made my decision to go to Vietnam and Cambodia! Airasia got promo, so we book 4 tickets for my parents, my lil brother and me to Ho Chi Minh City. It's not extra-ordinarily cheap but it's ok, about Rm450 per person for return tickets.

We took the bus from Bukit Mertajam to Kuala Lumpur, which cost us RM32 per person. Our flight are schedule on the evening, 6.50pm flight from LCCT on March 8, 2012. So we took the earliest bus from BM, which departs around 7.45am on the same day. Reach LCCT somewhere around 3.30-4pm.

It's easy to check in now, via web and what u need to do is to scan the barcode on your mobile on the scanner and it will print your boarding pass. Drop your luggage on the baggage-drop counter and you're good to go! Sadly, our flights delayed about 25 min, which is kinda like a norm for AirAsia, where EVERYONE CAN FLY.... slowly! Haha

We reach Ho Chi Minh city around 8.30pm. It's 9.30pm Malaysian time though, so we got ourselves an extra hour XD. Kinda blurred when come out from the airport, as i didnt know we have to buy taxi voucher in the airport before they guide you to respective taxi. From what i read, trusty taxi are from two main company, Vinasun and Mai Linh. It cost about USD7.50 or 150000 Vietnamese Dong from the airport to the city centre. The taxi driver are kinda blurred, as they dont really know where is the hotels location. Got to dig out some addresses before he kinda know the area. After few minutes of searching around Pham Ngu Lao( popular backpackers area), we were recommended to stay in Thien Hong Guesthouse @ USD15 per night for 2 person. Good guesthouse, friendly host! It is run by an old couple and the place is quite comfy and quiet.

WM_DSC7339 copy

After checking in and had some bath, we went for our dinner-supper on the roadside. Barbeque seafood! Yum! Although i had some stomach ache after that! Haha.. All the food seems greasy and salty, even the vegetables are fried with butter! Not bad but cant take too much of that!

WM_DSC7335 copy copy WM_DSC7328 copy

The next morning, had a lil bit of a stomach ache though! haha.. but well, a good cuppa coffee starts my day
WM_DSC7952 copy

Backpackers street i should say.. haha.. it's called Bui Viens St. Full of foods, tours, and all the stuffs a backpackers need.
WM_DSC7343 copy

We went for the Mekong one day tour, and it was ok, minus the part where bus broke down and we had to take local buses and stuffed like sardines in can. But anyway, on the way, we stop at happy house, which the guide mean is, the toilet. wtf, cold jokes from the guide all the way.. but it's an interesting stop. It's a Handicap handicraft sort of factory where government support the handicap people to make some artistic craft for sale. Great hand made stuff i should say..
WM_DSC7366 copy

WM_DSC7367 copy WM_DSC7373 copy

So after another hour of bus ride.. it took us 3 hours from HCMC to this Mekong area!
The water hyacinth greet us in huge numbers!
WM_DSC7387 copy WM_DSC7388 copy

WM_DSC7403 copy

WM_DSC7409 copy WM_DSC7419 copy

WM_DSC7428 copy WM_DSC7452 copy

Passing by houses and boats.. and so call floating village! Crap.. the guide told us, the one day tour only takes you to the wholesaler floating market while the 3 days tour, you'll get the full experience! Conned! So after passing through those boats.. we stop at few shops aka factory, where they made rice paper, coconut candy, honey tea.. etc etc

WM_DSC7484 copy
This old grandma still making rice papers.. delicious one!

WM_DSC7490 copy  WM_DSC7524 copy

And this is pop rice! taste pretty good too!
WM_DSC7526 copy

oh i love this shot.. a tomato seller on boat
WM_DSC7533 copy

and so after lunch, we head back to the jetty.. about 15min boat ride i guess
WM_DSC7553 copy

WM_DSC7558 copy

and this, this is what promised in the brochure.. vast green paddy fields.. that's it..
WM_DSC7587 copy

Alright.. it's only USD12 per person for the whole tour, boat ride, lunch.. so dont complain! XD
Went back to the hotel, get some rest and bath before heading to the night market. The famous Ben Thanh Market

WM_DSC7624 copy  WM_DSC7644 copy

Our next dinner, bbq seafood again! hehe
WM_DSC7665 copy

And no stomach ache this time.. haha :P

Next morning, we try something new.. something very local along the alley around our hotel
WM_DSC7686 copy

WM_DSC7690 copy

and dont ask me what's the name.. it's all too local. :P

Some grafiti shot, WM_DSC7702 copy

and den we head for our next tour, the Cu Chi Tunnel! Stay tuned for more photos and post, coming up soon!