Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cherok To'kun hill

_DSC1875 copy

Everyone in BM knows this hill.. if you dont, then it's gonna be a disaster! haha.. it's on Bukit Mertajam of course. It's a place for most BM'ers to exercise, jog or simply, have some tea on the hill side. 2 main trails for those who loves to hike, the jungle and the tar road. I always prefer the jungle trail.. more challenging and not so boring. Besides, it's much more cooling too..

I've decided to bring my Dslr there.. all this while, we never shoot it before.. Nothing much of the trails though, more to touch of nature in this series.

_DSC1707 copy _DSC1708 copy

Almost got attacked by a pack of wild monkeys too.. i guess the big black thing on my hand is a threat to them. It's was a tense situation there, im all alone, monkeys giving warning and making loud noises.. better go fast but calmly.. kept my dslr straight away, just in case.. 10 minutes later, another pack of monkeys but this time, im no longer holding my dslr, so.. it's ok out there. Phewww.. imagine the situation there, and i can hear a group of dogs barking behind me.. so.. really scare at one point. I'll be dead if both attack me! haha..

_DSC1747 copy

Anyway, i manage to escape everything safely.. and back to shooting! I realized photoshooting while hiking is not as tiring, and it was more fun too.. managed to finished up the jungle trail quite easily :P phewww.. at least my stamina is still there (a little.. )

_DSC1904 copy

_DSC1875 copy

Get some rest at the Tea Club rest area up there, where the jungle trails meet the tar road. Glad there's toilet now, unlike last time.. have to either tahan till u reach the bottom or do it somewhere in the bushes for those who is in emergency d.. LOL.. There's an exercising equipments there too! Well done, im loving Cherok Tokun more!

_DSC1785 copy

Only one thing i hate, it's VANDALISM! and even worst, some it's from my secondary school! How ashamed is this!

_DSC1826 copy

_DSC1839 copy
BM High the great school? LOL..

More nature shots..
_DSC1864 copy _DSC1870 copy

We are going fast downhill, watch out!!
_DSC1909 copy

On the way downhill, saw another pack of monkeys, this is a larger version, hairier version with 2 white round patch on it's eye. Cute though.. caught some action shots of them when i look up the skies. Time wait for no-one, i click shutter all the way while pointing at 2 or 3 of them jumping to the next tree. Neck-ache, but it was all worthy.. got some shots here..

*just found out their name, it's called Spectacled Leaf Monkey, Trachypithecus obscurus
Cute indeed! hahaa with the Spec

_DSC1929 copy _DSC1931 copy

Now this look like a scene from Kung Fu Panda?
_DSC1935 copy

So there you go, a photoshoot + hiking trip in Cherok To'kun for today, thanks for viewing! I'll go again for sure to take more shots! Next round, got to bring my macro and flash diffuser :)


Benjamin said...

Nice shots O.O may I know what effect did you use in this shot:

and how did you manage to get this shot? on a bicycle?

lastly.. lens and body? :p

Thanks... :D

Harn Sheng said...

Oops.. sorry for the very late reply.. didnt see the comment.

Erm.. i took it while standing still, just twist the zoom ring a little while you pressed the shutter button. It takes few try and errors but im sure u'll get it :P

Lens and body?
Nikon D200 and Nikkor 16-35 F/4