Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mari-mari Cultural Village

Finally, im back for a short period for photography with MSJ and the geng.. haha
And this time, we got new member, Jessica, our 'assistant'.. :p

We went to Mari2 Cultural Village for an outdoor shooting for the 14 finalist of the D'junction Miss Oriental 2009. i just love outdoor stuff, it's fun.. and tiring, sweaty, humid.. but nice! haha..
We reach there around 10.30am, some briefing and we start the show. Divided into 3 groups, me  Jessica, Stephen, Valentine, James and few more were on Team C, with 4 finalist-Kim STan, Eva (if im not mistaken) and 2 more... sorry! Visited all the bumi's houses, den see and try their activity such as rice cooking, tapai, etc etc la.. Took quite a number of shots, but still... i seriously need a flashgun!

The event ends ard 1 smtg to 2pm la, where we headed back to D'junction for lunch, it was a great fun. Really thanks D'junction for such a great hospitality!

Oh ya, thanks to Gerry, Anne, Stephen and Jessica for the transport (paiseh o) and lots of new friends there. Had a great time!

Oh ya, im sure u guys wre wondering wher's the shot, isnt it... well, im kinda lazy la, so i upload all in my facebook. Have a look at the album,

Here's some of my fav shots..




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