Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slow down

Guys, expect some halts in my photography journey, perhaps for this semester.
Im at the last semester of my tertiary study and there's is no slwoing down or relaxation time for us. While equipped with only 3 classes a week, there is still presentation to attend (i HATE this very much! a waste of my time), and yesterday, we received the baddest news of all, Thesis Submission on March 20! barely one n a half months to go! where's my mood? oh god..

nearest mightmare would be on the 12 February, our progress presentation day. Wonder how it will turn out. Could end up like the proposal presentation, or some shake down nerve-breaking situation. Who know's right? Wish me luck guys.. I still havent settle my slides yet, planned to settle it tomorrow, yes, remind me, TOMORROW! no more delay, there were a practice to be held this sunday! Again, i hate working in sunday... haizz, im sure u know whose idea is this... he is the source of all this tertiary misery in my life!

For all the bad bad things to do and settle before the real graduation, i have to slow down my paced on photography, im going to miss my D200.. it's going to be in the box for some time. Sob sob... do expect some shots from time to time though, perhaps twice a month? u'll never know... haha..

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