Monday, February 23, 2009

Kota Belud Wedding

An eye opening experience.. never been to Malay wedding before, and furthermore, this was one of the fusion wedding, with chinese tradition, bajau, and etc.. very interesting, and pheww... very tiring too!

4 of us, Me, Jessica, Gerry and Lamlam went there on Friday early evening to check in 'hotel' and stable down and prepare for the shots. Had our meals at one high ground, called Restoran Mayang Sari. Very beautiful place, cooling and peaceful. Makes me wanna go again! hehe.. Surrouded by greenery, rivers, and Mount KK standing tall just beside, it was way cool...

Our hotel was called Kota Belud Lodging House, where 4 of us stayed in a room to save cost. The room isnt that bad, somewhere similar to Tune Hotel size, but with NO toilet DOORS!! hhaha.. terrible right? The whole town was veyr bz in the daytime, and looks haunted in night time. U can practically walk the whole town. Small town!

Adleen and Normin joins us the next day to shoot the wedding. It was very new to me, i mean VERY! haha.. it was fun though, and new experience for me! hhehe.. and of cos, as usual, very tiring.. and sweating like mad. haha.. The akad nikah, sanding, inai, or ..... im not so sure la.. just that, it's interesting lo.

Really had good times with the team... seriously, full of laughter and smiles, and sarcastic words... ahem ahem...  Anyway, there are alots of photos to process, over 600 shots! wan pengsan ade, cant post it up any sooner, have another dinner shots this wed night, anf MIDTERM on wed evening! isnt that great? haha..

i'll update u guys soon, now wanna go uni teach something.. sexing zebra danio :P

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