Wednesday, November 5, 2008


well... yesterday was a killer, 2 subject have put alot of stress on me.. thankfully, sea ranching stil ok, i can answer.. only finance, i tembak until habis bullet! haha..

tmr will be seaweed culture, hopefully it would be like sea ranching... or i will get bad result too!
talking bout result, yea... my Scientific Writing get B+, good enuf for me, but pull down my PNGS by 0.02 to 3.48! what the heck? will i still get Dean List? hopefully.... it's always been my dream! haha...

last weekend, went for 2nd round 1Borneo Bridal Extravaganza, had great fun and enjoy of cos... hehe.. photos, almost the same la. view it in my facebook album la! hehe.. :p

kinda little stress rite now, feeling some quilt. however, im HAPPY over smtg... haha... wish it could happen, but it seems, IMPOSSIBLE. i shld stop dreaming! haha...

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