Sunday, November 9, 2008

About Me

i guess it's time to write something 'about me'... have been asking this Q to my self last night and figure out, why not i write it out... :)

so, who am i?

Future Planning
- COntinue back my previous fish farm
- Start a new marine ornamental fish farm
- Working with ppl
- Open a food fish farm
- Try to join photography groups in Penang
- Start my own part time photography

so, this is some of my planning... c la i want to choose which one! haha..

Current Planning
- Finish up my study and graduates
- Try my best to score the best result i could
- Enjoy photography with MSJ ( that's the fun part )
- Traveling ard for the last time b4 i graduated
- Earn some money
- Be more socialise and know more frens - im getting into events and ppl that i've never joined or experienced b4, thanks to MSJ for giving me the chances and oppurtunity
- Stop being lazy, concentrate on whatever i've been doing
- Saving money

Who am i?
- might be a little stingy some time... always save money for my things! haha...
- Im a little sarcastic too... im trying to stop or reduces it! it's bad....
- Currently quite inactive, always facing laptop and online... why?
- I need to get back my stamina, particularly for hiking and jungle trekking . i wan exercise!
- currently improving my strength on both hands but legs, neglected... im not as fast as last time
- Not living for a healthy livestyle now, eating bad unhealthy food! haizz...
- start losing my mood on study...
- start losing my mood for aquaculture... how come? cause of new interest?
- i think i got too many hobby and interest, thats why im in confusing state right now!
- i think im a little lazy and unorganized
- i love punctuality! dont ever be late for everything! i hate it!
- i get stress and sick easily due to exams... sien
- i have bad temper sometimes... due to annoyance, disturbance and irritation of......
- i got flu easily.. i duno why, it happens since young until now, my bros aso gt... is it relate to gene? hahaha...
- am a little money minded, business mind is always on my head... folowing my parents lo! haha... thats why i have small business bac in Penang

well, quite alot of me... im trying to be honest and it's better for ppl to know me of all this before making any decision before it's too late... being trying to improve my self day by day... although it's slow but am trying. give me time... :p

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