Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stupid dog chew my slipper!

Came bac from a jog with my dog, Nick and my slippers is chewed on! damn.. it's certainly not my dog! last time it take my slipper away and now, it destroyed it! damn it! Got to kill it, man!

Anyway, it's been years i havent jog or exercise. Last 2 days i did some 'intensive' workout and now, both my hands are so ache...type also pain. And now, cant even jog continuosly for 30 min! im old, guys.. im old and no more stamina! haha.. got to train it bac.. my dog even ran faster than me! where can? my legs are longer! hahaha... im going to win it! soon!

ok ok... my hand being itchy and geram after seeing that slippers.. here what i've done to it. Some little touch up and DIY...

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e_E said...

DIY shoe is great.. haha