Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bad day

Everything seems to be wrong today... started up with waking early, wrote few sentences of my thesis, and spend the rest of the morning customizing my blogspot.. im so dumb!

Had my lunch with Valentine, he come fecth me and guess wht, when on the rush, my slipper lost! that stupid dog is soon going to be killed, cooked and served to its owner! Damn! last time, my formal shoe and now, slipper! Arrr.r...... STUPID DOG!

The day continue with scorching heat and humid condition! suffer... Cant do anything in this kind of condition, no mood at all! And added with no notes and bad internet connection, Pheww... volcano erupts in my head! now 6 smtg d still hot... what kind of climate is this huh??

Hopes tmr will be a better day.. going to Karambunai with Gerry for brochure shooting and stay, and wedding shoot next day in Kota Marudu! hope's it's going to be fun... or else, im going to regret it! Starting from sunday, i'll find a place, probably McD or Starbuck, sit down and do my thesis writing! at home cant concentrate! Haizz.z.... bad day!

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