Wednesday, October 22, 2008


recently, i've been in a deep deep shit of moodless and bad moods. Having big trouble and hating hatchery so so much. We are forced into presentation which is sucks! it's wasting my time! it makes me no mood evryday. and finals coming, i have no mood to study! damn!

anyway, let stop the complaining and deal with it for another 6 months! damn...

ok ok, haha... i'll stop! so, yesterday nite was nice. Meet up with Gerry, Kelvin, Henry and Breeze laupan.. so we went to D Junction for some light dinner and drinks. It is a nice place though, cool environment. initially, i didnt went to such place before, it's my 2nd time only! hahaha.. but it was a nice experience. Hoping for more chances though.. must brave up myself for all kind of situation. u know.. i had problems with human! haha.. thats y i always take nature photo. But now, no no... i must learn to take all photos.. no matter what! :p
then only i can improve myself!!!

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