Thursday, October 30, 2008

Changing field?

today, i seems to aware of something that i love and dreamt of long time ago. I've always wanted to be in the wild, being outdoor and adventurous.. animals is my passion and so do photography. and today, i realise that National Geography scientist is one of the closest jobs that fulfill my liking. Besides being able to be in the wild and observing what that i like, i could also take photography.

although i couldnt do what i like yet, as im still studying... been 17 years in school, what else u have wasted in this period of time? although, yes... everyone wanna be rich, but... am i enjoying my life now? am i doing what i love? in order to be rich, i couldnt enjoy what i like.. so, there is many choices i have to choose! so, which one??

i having such a big Q in my mind today... which route shall i take? i wanna be rich and own evrything, or im staying moderately but enjoying life? which one leh?? help me....

pls give me some opinion and suggesttion!! thanks...

will i be able to become National Geogrpahy scientist or photographer?? how should i do it?

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