Saturday, November 14, 2009

Targets and wish list - Gadgets

For all this while, my wish list and targets have always been fulfilled (although some are not.. haha). Every now and then, i will set a new target for myself to achieve, and for the past, present and future, here is my list :D


I got my Nikon D200 after saving money for 3 years. Previous dream camera were the Canon S2 IS, and i got it after 2 years.

Future target: Nikkor 60 micro,12-24, 24-70, 70-200 and sb900 lo! hehehe... and last but not least, the D700 or D3S!

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2. Laptop

Well... my first laptop were the Dell Inspiron 6400, but i've always dreamt of the Apple Macbook. Finally, i got my Macbook Pro 13" after 3 years too.

Future target: Higher spec Macbook Pro! :D

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3. Vehicles

As for bikes, my first one were the first generation Yamaha Lagenda (100cc), then i went to Sabah, got myself a Yamaha SS2 Dual Clutch, back to Penang again and got myself a Yamaha Lagenda Z 110cc. All these bikes were basically my mum buy for me wan la... except the Yamaha SS2 (from PTPTN)

Future target: Of course the bigger capacity bike, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R!!!

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How bout car? well... my first little car were the Hyundai Atoz (again, mom's). Car is still very expensive, give me 5 years and i'll get my dream car, the BMW!

Future target: BMW E46 3 Series (old car though, but i like the way it looks!)

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4. Handphone

I've never been into handphone though.. my first one were the Nokia 3315, classic phone. Then upgrade to Nokia 3120 and use for long long time! Finally, mom say it's time to change since so long already. Got myself a Nokia N95 (was once a great hp, and im still loving it.. lotsa features, main fav were the GPS of course, and the 5mp camera!, the main cons, lack of RAM :( )

Future target: So how about the future? Actually, i dont have any target for phones though... but perhaps APPLE iPhone 3GS or maybe newer model in the future? At least all are APPLE! hehe..

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5. What's next ???

haha... this post is due to too much boredom at home. Every day rain... Damn sien! alittle mou liu isnt it? Am i dreaming too much? NO... dream high, and work hard to get it! I got almost all that i've dream off before, so nothing is impossible... :D

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