Thursday, September 24, 2009

Outing finally..

Finally, we have another small outing where i can photoshoot again. Sham come over to fetch me, and we went to find Jessica and Furzanne in Klang. We go for a famous Bak Kut Teh breakfast before going over to Le Fung's house to see the Welsh Corgi! Very nice dog.. actually, this is one uncommon dog in Malaysia and my first time seeing one (except photos la..). Nice and tame.. and one thing is realise, it has no tail! haha.. apani! The breed was born without tail. Strange but CUTE. haha.. too bad i didnt shoot any photos.. was too hot that time, lazy ade..

We headed to MidValley, to check out Sham's shot in Sony Centre, ate some donuts @ KrispyKreme (not nice :S) before headed to KLCC. We tried some wireless flash with Sony DSLR and it was fun.. And of course, shooting the iconic KLCC Twin tower.

Went back to Klang, and had our dinner at Restoran Boston Baru, which is famous for it's Hokkien Mee, Steamed La-la (Clams) and Oat-Butter Mantis Shrimps! Very nice and cheap too... highly recommended!

It was a fun outing, just like what i used to join back in KK last few months and it's great to use my DSLR again (although abit lack of skills already.. :( ) anyway, will definelty practice hard and will uploads my photos after editing.

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