Friday, September 11, 2009

Again, it's been quite some time i didnt update my blog... seems that nothing interesting in my recent working life. Stuck in an aquarium shop, where works is 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. Although it is pretty easy and flexible, sometimes it does get real BORED! Like what i feel today, no customers! Haizz....

Anyway, this give me the time to blog... 9.9.09, an auspicious day? a great day? oh yeah.. guess what, after a week of waiting for my new baby, it finally arrived on the 9th September 2009 with a little surprised (in which i hate that part).. That DHL really dont care about the real owner, and they pass my package to downstair hair saloon. Thank god we are close to them, if not... gone la, my baby would have been missing or smtg...

However, whatever it is, the most important thing is... i got my new MacBook Pro 13.3"!!! yippie... my first Mac, and i'm lovin it badly! The package was nicely wrapped and secured (thankfully) and it feels like unwrapping my early Christmas present (partially, as mom sponsored half, i have to pay half :p) Thanks Mom! The screen was superb as expected, with good performance (well, 4gb ram ma...). Thanks to Apple Education Store, where i get RM400 discount and i use it to upgrade my ram. Total, approx RM4500. it's like the most expensive things i ever bought!!!

Too bad i couldnt post the photo up yet... the screen havent been calibrated, so.. be patient, photos coming up pretty soon after i calibrate them this weekend!

Did i mention, i went back to Penang too? I did that every month end, visit family lo, and friends.. and this time, i went to Bukit Merah to visit some arowana farms with my coursemate, Beh. Soon after, we decided to visit Jun Yi as well, in somewhere between Bukit Merah and Taiping. Had our lunch, tea time and some trekking around Burmese Pool in Maxwell Hill, Taiping Lake Garden and few other places.. it was fun as it been years i haven't do some travelling and photoshoot! Miss that moments.. especially with MSJ geng like Gerry, Ak, Sham, Valentine, Jess and others... :'(

well, photos wil be uploaded soon, sorry for the delay... and oh ya, i will be back to Kota Kinabalu! yippie!!!

Last few weeks been busy preparing, booking hotel (thanks to AK for helping me with Hyatt Regency Hotel) and car (thanks Quennie for that). I'll be flying back to KK on October 1st, so guys, im COMING!!! haha... hope to see u all soon!


ak_wellknown said...

hey, u owez in our heart bro. plus, we still need to do another session for our own karaoke style! hahaha.

take k or urself, take k of ur family:)

p/s: take k all ur gf's too

Harn Sheng said...

aik aik... apa gf's ar?

well, when wanna sing again? :P
u take care too!