Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My next 'life'

Just got a confirmation from my boss, my house is ready, ss12 Subang Jaya, just opposite Taylor and  Metropolitan College. I will start my next chapter of life in KL this end of May, where i will work with Slippery Little Suckers. 

Have mixed feeling though... somehow, feeling a little sad leaving MSJ and the geng, but, Krysham, Al-hambra, and perhaps more will be in KL too. Hence, it's not really end of MSJ in me, KL branch will start soon! hhaha.. Hope my photography life wouldnt be affected by my newly found job in KL.
Heard of lotsa fun soon in KL, which i certainly hope so! so... KL, im coming... PJ to be exact. haha...

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