Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alien in Centre Point and unexpected yamcha session!

Oh my, guess what i saw during my 30 min waits for frens in Centre Point, Sabah? There is alots of types of 'people' in town. I just sat down for around 30 minutes and trust me, u can see hundreds of different ppl; for example.. tourist, weird monkey-styled hair, weird dyed hair and hairdo, big bulky pants with very tight shape at the bottom, the 50's and  60's style, fancy color dressing, mini skirt like not wearing skirt at all, ugly dresses, weird caps, weird walking style, crappy personality, immigrants, prostitute-like women and aunty (maybe they are), etc etc... tell u man, u can 'pengsan' there! haha... just 30 min will do, and i assure u, u will have alot of comments after that! lol...

Anyway, stop complaining... back to reality. Ard 2.30pm, went there to meet Roy in CP's PC fair to get my new Nikon D200 battery; EN-EL3e for RM90 only! yea.. and met Yusz after that to give him some Photoshop ebook. We went to San Fransisco Coffee for some drink and Valentine joined us shortly after followed by Al-hambra which accidentally saw us and joined us for some chit chatting... After that, was thinking to find Roy at Starbuck, Warisan Square for another round of drinks but he left early. So we sat down there again for some chit chatting up stairs and Boy and Giselle joined us later on. Chatting bout camera lo as usual and some photoshop tricks. One unexpected yamcha session.... haha... Left at around 7.30pm b4 i went to mamak for dinner and back home onlining and editing my slides. Tmr going to present again, BORING!

Took some shots just now, here it is:

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