Monday, July 20, 2009


well well, is it me who have lost all the skills in breeding fishes or is the water source that causes all these problems?

Since i kept fishes starting a month ago, i suffered quite a number of losses in fish, rare fishes! lost almost Rm500 now due to death of unknown reasons. And the fish doesnt spawn as readily here in KL compared to Penang.

For the past 10 years of fish keeping in Penang, i've never encounter any serious sickness apart from White Spot, which occurred during raining season. But now, in KL, in a month, i've encouter alots of unknown sickness, symptoms and unexplainable death of the fishes. This is seriously sucks man... Back in Penang, i could simply catch tubifex worms in the river, wash it and fed to the fishes. But here in KL, all the fishes will guarantee ticket to hell with tubifex. Lotsa of diseases from this contaminated water and food source.

I guess stricter water conditioning, preparation and disease-prevention method have to be applied or i will suffer more losses! hate this condition so much where everyday have to scoop out death fish or dose medication. Wat a sad case!

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