Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Many many visits....

well, firstly... i would like to wish everyone Merry Chrismas a happy new year!!! haha..

Kinda long didnt update my blog..u know la... in Penang got alot of things to do ma.. Just landed in KK yesterday and decided to update my blogs and album. Been to many places tis holiday...
I've visited few arowana farm this time,Bukit Merah Aquaculture, HHH Arowana, and one local showroom in Mengkuang. too some photos of course but not yet uploaded yet... soon.... :p

Been fishing with Ban Lee koko, Ah Yaw and some of his fren last sunday too... woke up early in the morning at 5am. We reach there quite early and help the farm ppl to carry all the trash fish to the boat... 2big boats! tons of trash fish! crazy... im not going to open a farm like tat~hahaha... Fish til afternoon lo, me got a marine catfish and lots of small fish, but i duno wat type la.... :p

Then next day been to Butterfly Farm with Helven. Lots of Butterfly man! crazy... it was a nice nice place to visit!!! love it... took alot of photos there.. spending few hours there. After tat we went for laksa before headed back to Helven shop and visited his fishroom! lots of guppies... haha..

K la, wanna go out ade, will post photos soon after uploaded. for now,visits my facebook for the Penang Buttterfly Farm photos!!!p enjoy

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