Monday, July 6, 2015

Le Mans and the famous race!

Le Mans Le Mans, it was another bucket list checked. Oh wait.. i don't have a bucket list but the famous 24 Hours race was something i wanted to do that related to motoring, apart from driving/riding in Nurburgring one day, or a road trip in US, ah.. long list...

Anyway, i'm so happy to be in Le Mans with a very good friend of mine, Lucy and David that i met and host in Penang few months back. Met up with Lucy at Montparnasse Gare before taking a train to Versailles and hop on our Blablacar ride, my very first one. Not going to complain but the ride wasn't really that nice, such a small car, unstable on the highway and kinda stinky but oh well. It cost us 13€ from Versailes to Le Mans, which is quite cheap.

Once we reach Le Mans, we took a tram to LaFayette (it cost 1.50€ per ride, and there's only 2 lines in Le Mans, easy!). Im so glad to be in Le Mans to see David and Lucy again! Unbelievable to be here in France to see them again!

My first day in Le Mans is pretty exciting, meeting so many friends of Lucy and David, and prepared for the Parade. Such an awesome evening chilling out and drinking while watching the parades past by.

The next day was a little hard after so much drinking.. We head to the circuit at around 2pm (3pm is when the legendary race starts). There's thousands of people on the track, and barely able to find a good spot to watch and take some photos.

We stayed overnight, moving around the track, lots of walking and loud exhaust note zooming pass by us every minute literally. Amazing experience indeed! However, we ended up early, way before the race finish at 6.30am due to tiredness and cold. The energy is gone by then and what we want is our nice bed... Gladly, it wasn't hard to get out and one tram ride home.

The next few days is pretty relaxing... we had picnic by the river, appero with friends, BBQ, chilling, walk around the old town, visiting historical sites, shopping and cooking Asian food for my friends.. it was great! I had this question of " Why do you go to Le Mans? " when i told friends about it, especially French. The answers from them is always, " there's nothing there!" Well, you're wrong guys. I've spent an awesome 8 days in Le Mans, 8 DAYS and i enjoyed it.. and all because of the company and good times with friends! You guys are awesome, man. I wish i can come back to Le Mans one day without any doubts and see you guys again!

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